New Regulations for Homeowners in 2015



waterheaterThere are new Regulations on HVAC systems and water heaters that will go into effect in 2015 for homeowners. AC equipment standards will increase to increase the energy efficiency of the Unit. The SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio) will increase from 13 to 14. This will most likely require a full system replacement (indoor and outdoor) which will be more expensive. If the Unit has to be replaced, the contractor must replace the Unit according to new standards for your State. Costs could actually double.

Another New Regulation for Homeowners in 2015 involves hot water heaters. This is due to an amendment of the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act. This change takes effect 4/16/15. This affects all residential gas, electric, oil, and tankless water heaters. The new water heaters will be taller, wider, and heavier which will cost more for the heater itself and also could increase costs in order for the new water heaters to actually fit into the space the previous one was.

These new regulations for homeowners in 2015 will be costly. If you know your hot water heater is nearly its lifespan, it may be better to act now before the new Regulations go into effect.


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I am currently a Realtor in the State of Virginia. I have worked many years as an RN in NY and Virginia. I now enjoy helping people in real estate and all the challenges it brings. I also have my Short Sale certification (SFR) and am able to help those homeowners in financial distress by informing them of all the options available. I also have my Military Relocation Professional (MRP) as well as my Accredited Buyer's Agent (ABR) Designations to help my Military and Homebuyers find what they are looking for. I know the timetables and benefits available to assist my clients.
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