Do You Qualify for a Short Sale in Fredericksburg, VA?

Short Sale Certification

Do I qualify for a short sale?

Do you qualify for a Short Sale in Fredericksburg, VA? Do you owe more than what you could sell your home for in Fredericksburg, Va? There are many factors banks take into account to approve a Short Sale in Fredericksburg, Va.

First, do you have a hardship in order to qualify for a short sale in Fredericksburg, Va? Have you lost your job or have a decrease in income? Are you relocating? Are you going through a divorce and unable to pay your mortgage payment? Do you have medical issues that make it impossible to continue paying your mortgage? Do you have excessive credit? Has there been a death of one of the owners? Has your interest rate adjusted higher and making it impossible to continue making payments? These are just some of the hardships banks will consider in order to make their decision on a short sale.

Once your realtor identifies a valid hardship to see if you may qualify for a short sale in Fredericksburg, VA, you will be asked to write a letter describing why you can no longer pay your mortgage. Your realtor can help you with that.

You will also need to gather your financial statements and give those to your Short Sale Realtor. The bank will request a lot of information and that information needs to be supplied quickly. You want a Realtor experienced in Short Sales and also certified (SFR). There is a lot of work to be done and you want someone who knows what they are doing in order to get the job completed in as short a time as possible.

Contact me for any questions re: Short sales. I can also supply references for those homeowners I have helped in obtaining their Short Sales in Fredericksburg, VA.

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I am currently a Realtor in the State of Virginia. I have worked many years as an RN in NY and Virginia. I now enjoy helping people in real estate and all the challenges it brings. I also have my Short Sale certification (SFR) and am able to help those homeowners in financial distress by informing them of all the options available. I also have my Military Relocation Professional (MRP) as well as my Accredited Buyer's Agent (ABR) Designations to help my Military and Homebuyers find what they are looking for. I know the timetables and benefits available to assist my clients.
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